New Marketing Resource - OnTarget® Real-Time Online Enhanced and Modeled Traffic

A new source of real-time, custom modeled prospects from OnTarget®.

Kroll Direct Marketing is excited to announce a New...Real-Time Online Enhanced and Modeling Service!

This new solution will be a game changer in the consumer list modeling arena...this service has never been offered before... It can identify new exclusive prospects for your clients that are verified and reachable in real time.

OnTarget® is a new and unique prospecting tool with proven success. They have built over 95 successful models for inbound and outbound telemarketing campaigns and will create a custom modeling campaign for you at no charge and no minimum volume guarantees.

OnTarget® is a reliable source for consistency and compliance. The OnTarget® process combines a marketer's custom model with online opted-in and verified customers, enhanced with proprietary decisional and transactional data to create unique cost-efficient prospects.

The advantage of using OnTarget® features the following benefits...

  • Over 4,000 different customer lifestyle characteristics are used to build and implement your exclusive model.

  • Real-time delivery of qualifying prospect data.

  • Compliance tracking for each media channel and offer.

  • Multi-channel promotions from a single source.

  • 3 month exclusivity within your vertical market by media channel.

  • Duplication control of data provided.

  • Improved prospect engagement and increased sales.

  • Result integration utilized to continually improve your custom model.

  • Consistency in the quality and quantity of the data provided

OnTarget® offers a history of success. Over the past 3 1/2 years, OnTarget® models have successfully predicted buyer profiles 73% of the time. Models are produced in-house and can be improved and modified with performance feedback. 10,000-20,000 campaign respondents including buyers and non-buyers are needed to build your client's custom model. If you don't have historic data, OnTarget® can still help you build a profile of your best prospects using the proprietary OnTarget® database with real time transactional activites.

  • OnTarget® is a registered trade mark of IMS/Ignite Media Solutions and AMI/Applied Media Intelligence.

  • KDM is a non-exclusive marketing partner for OnTarget® Data and services.


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